Uncovering the Hidden Gems: Why Small Town Murals Hold a Big Place in Our Hearts

Uncovering the Hidden Gems: Why Small Town Murals Hold a Big Place in Our Hearts
Murals are not only beautiful pieces of art, but they are also great for small towns. 

Murals have been used around the world to promote beautification, local culture, and even tourism. Below we will discuss three reasons why murals are good for small towns.

1) Improved Aesthetics: Murals can greatly improve the overall aesthetic of a small town. They add unique and eye-catching visual appeal to the buildings or other features they adorn. Murals can also cover up unsightly graffiti or other forms of vandalism on otherwise blank walls. By having a mural, small towns can have a much more attractive and unique appearance, making them even more appealing to both residents and visitors.

2) Promotion of Local Art: Murals are a great way to showcase local art and talent. They provide an opportunity for local artists to share their work with the community and create a sense of pride amongst residents. Additionally, by commissioning local artists to create murals, small towns can support their local art scene, which in turn creates a sense of community and helps the local economy in a beautiful ecosystem sort of way. 

3) Tourist Attractions: Murals are also a great way to attract visitors to small towns. In many cases, tourists will seek out towns with interesting and unique art installations full of symbolism and a message that supports the vision for the town. By having murals, small towns can become a destination for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts. This, in turn, can help boost tourism and provide economic benefits to the town. Artists love to see their work showcased on social media deeming it "instagrammable" and special to that location when those visitors and locals post about it!

In conclusion, murals are a great addition to small towns. They serve as a source of pride for residents and attract visitors, and also promote local art.  With the help of murals, small towns can enhance their unique qualities and create a more appealing and memorable atmosphere.

Have you been down to The Artful Gathering to see our mural on our 30 foot fence!? 

Wildflowers including Tiger Lilies, which spread naturally in Southern Ohio and bloom during the hot summer, and coneflowers have been painted to provide a modern contrast across the colorful wash of turquoise and cheer.  Added in are some unknown, prickly weeds that grow along ditch lines in the area. Even though weeds are not a desirable landscaping feature, I decided to paint them in because they represent the reality of life.  Sometimes the unexpected and unplanned parts of life are completely beautiful.  

Our mural is a symbolic message of flourishing and mindfulness.  Have you considered the lilies that grow wildly along the roads? Do you notice their speckles in their centers and their delicate waves of their petals? They don't work hard to be beautiful . They don't "toil or spin".  

At first, I thought how accidental this is.  

But then it occurred to me that they were literally designed by the ultimate Artist to be this way.  It isn't hard work for them BECAUSE it is a natural process designed that way from the beginning.  We are all designed to be creative, living beings.  Our art studio is a happy, welcoming place for you to feed your creative soul.  

We hope you stop to admire and reflect on the meaning of art in our small towns and the value it brings, along with stopping to fill up your creative tank.