Planting Darkness & Confusion= Reaping Darkness & Confusion
Our minds are our hearts are fertile ground.  We get to choose what we put there.  

The Bible is as much as a practical guide as it is spiritual.  The fact is that people have preconceived notions about the contents of the Bible and, in turn, do not read it with an open heart.  

"You reap what you sow" is a brilliant analogy for everyday life.  What are we planting in our minds every day is  crucial.  How dare we complain about our minds being in torment and negativity when we planted those thoughts there by what we listen to and watch? Some people live with a continuous replay of shame tapes running through their minds.  Cut the tape.  

How could I complain about tomatoes growing when I am the one who planted the tomatoes? I am serious.  I taught the teens this in my class at church.  

If you are in darkness, trapped in your mind in a constant cycle of torment that you feel you can't escape, you must evaluate.  What have you been sowing?  We need to take responsibility for what we are planting in the fertile ground of our minds.  Instead of acting like a victim to darkness, let's DECIDE to select seeds more carefully.  

I mean it.  Decide to stop watching shows (or whatever kids watch) and listening to music that is saturated with DARKNESS! You can't let it in! You've got to protect your mind and heart! From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.    

However, it isn't just deleting the bad.  

You've got to fuel up on the good.  I am not talking about Mr. Rogers.  I am talking about speaking life into yourself.  LIFE! The opposite of darkness.  

Not just the absence of evil.  The presence of beauty, life and abundance.  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  Read the red words of Jesus.  There is power there. 

Let's stop being victim to darkness.  Stand up and be intentional about what you allow planted in your mind. Don't undervalue the massive gift you've been given- the ability to choose.  You are at the controls of a massive machine.  Are you going to fold your arms over and let it run itself into a ditch, as Earl Nightingale says? 

We are the gatekeepers of our mind and hearts. 

I protect my mind.  I am cautious about what enters. 
I refuse to be a victim to negativity, bitterness and shame.  
Life is too short.  Abundance is available. 


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