To Teach A Child to Pray
At this most desperate time, we must realign.  Have we been off-centered or out of focus? Have we been distracted?

In this hour, let's take inventory of what we are doing to shine a light in such darkness,  

More than anything, are we investing in the next generation? To give them hope.  A future.

This morning in youth church, we made prayer journals.  Using a simple cover design, I printed off 4 different ones and let the kids choose.  Then, we folded plain white paper, hole punched through the fold and threaded simple ribbon through and tied.  

It was incredibly simple.  We gave the kids time to use crayons and markers on their covers and sign their names.  We will be keeping these at church to use each week.  

This simple act might seem a little naive. 

Yes, I have simplified the act of praying so that kids can benefit. 

Prayer is communication to Heaven.  We are teaching kids that it doesn't have to be audible.  It doesn't have to be formal.  It can have words, doodles, lists or even lyrics and psalms.  Yes, we can pray the psalms.  We can pray by writing out our favorite worship song and doodling around it.  We can make a list of people we love and concerns we have.  Or we can write it out like a letter.  

Our group can all write the exact same thing in our prayer journals or we can all write individually, in silence.  

We need to teach kids that the God in Heaven cares for them.  That he is listening and he is capable of hearing what is on their hearts without them ever saying anything.  

Prayer is a gift to us as well as a direct line to Heaven. What are you doing today to shine in the very dark darkness?   

"To simplify before you understand the details is ignorance.
To simplify after you understand the details is genius."
James Clear


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