Introducing the 
Monday Artist Membership!
We are starting a BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP to help you commit time and space to your own art and find a local group to walk out this journey with you. 

From the time we started The Artful Gathering, we had a list of what we envisioned for it to be. 
  • art as a childhood rite of passage, right here in New Richmond
  • art immersion through camps and classes for kids
  • art parties
  • art kits to make art available to every budget
  • a gathering space 
But, there's more...

We desire for The Artful Gathering to be a hub for adults making art as well....

We want local artists to be showcased at special events, where art is being demonstrated and sold. 

Our space is unique and perfect for gathering. 

  • Are you an artist who wants to be more committed to making and selling art?
  • Are you tired of having to travel outside our area to become part of artistic endeavors?
We have a solution for you. 


The Monday Artist Membership is a practical solution to a real problem: lack of art-making space at your home and a need for community. You get both and more with our membership. 
With this monthly membership, you get:
Access to the studio to MAKE YOUR OWN ART every Monday! 
  • a setting with natural light GALORE! 
  • freedom to bring your tackle box and messy art for HOURS! (you'll get a unique door code just for you!)
  • use of our sinks, art tables, hair dryers, and aprons!
  • freedom to bring food with you and stay all day or just a few hours!
  • freedom to chat with fellow artists as you work or put in earbuds and focus! 
An exclusive online facebook group to ask questions, encourage, share your work and achievements, cheer each other on, and GROW alongside other artists on the same path.

Opportunity to showcase your art and demonstrate technique during our special events for our gift shop opening!  Do you remember swimming as a child? For some reason, it was more fun to grab your sister's hand and jump in the water TOGETHER! 

Let's DO this!
This is your invitation to join us in a very special "pilot" enrollment. 
The program steps are not set in stone.  We are inviting you to craft this experience with us, share what YOU need and go on this journey with a group of founding members. 

So, are you ready to take the jump to start investing time and commitment to YOUR art and having teammates who are cheering you on, just as much as they are for themselves?

This pilot fee will be the lowest fee that we will ever offer. And, we are only offering this price for a limited number of people. 
Instead of $75 per month, you can join now for only $50 per month.  And, your rate will never go up, even after we raise it for new members in the future.

Review: What is included in the membership?
-Access to the studio every MONDAY of the month (each member will have a door code to let them in)
-Opportunity to display and demonstrate your art/ craft at our openings (dates will be chosen based on member's votes)
-An exclusive online community for our members (connection and inspiration from each other!)
-Your confirmation email will have all the details: door code, invite to the fb group, etc. (Check your spam folder)
What are the side effects of investing in your art-making?
I am picturing friendships, JOY, helpful critiques, conversation over chips and salsa, learning new art forms from fellow members, artists engrossed in FLOW and FLOURISHING together, right here in Bethel!

I am picturing book studies while you are here together, taking breaks over your art to circle up on those couches and discuss your newest revelation...

I am picturing local businesses coming to our members to request artistic endeavors such as mural commissions throughout the city, leading young entrepreneurs, and collaborations!

I am also planning on offering more as we go such as specific trainings that would help us all grow. You can expect pop-up events like "bring a friend free" and a spread of surprise treats at no charge.  I am designing this based on the ideal atmosphere for flourishing together, right here. 
Are you ready?