Birthday ART Parties!
Wouldn't it be nice to have a birthday ART party without all the WORK to make it happen?

Is your family looking for a FUN, memorable party, but simple for parents, birthday option? We have designed a party package for you! Simply choose your picture choice and we will set up everything! Our paint kits are specially designed to be SELF-DIRECTED by children, as long as they can read.  Every spot will have all the needed supplies without you having to pick up anything! And, we don't stay to teach the party so you can manage your event however you choose! 
Simply look through the pictures of the options we give, or request a custom theme for an extra fee, and book your date! 

A paint party option for a group! 
-no teacher needed
-self-directed kit per person
-choice of LOTS of designs (check out the pictures!)
-freedom to mix colors of choice!
-our studio makes the perfect atmosphere
-freedom to run your party how you want
-art activity area set up for you! You just show up with your decorations and food! 
-additional tables and chairs for food

We have lots of choices! Each of these is a kit that includes: colored directions, template, carbon paper, canvas, paint, brushes and a paper plate for mixing paint! Your party will be set up for you when you arrive! 
These party packages are available on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons only. Please choose your date below.  For further questions, contact us!
We are happy to host bigger parties for an additional $16 per person.