Do you want your kids to know the JOY of creativity without the hassle of searching for appropriate projects or wasted art supplies?
Kids love ANIMALS: learning about them, drawing them and especially painting them!  

Introducing: The ARTFUL Subscription!
The JOY & Innocence of art: A healthy challenge & a healthy win! 
-fun and engaging drawing and painting lessons, while also learning amazing facts about each creature!
CHOOSE from 2 themes: Animals OR Sea Life! 
Each month, your family gets instant (safe) access to: 
direction download, fun fact page and demonstration videos! 3 ways to learn! 

AND, choose the level that fits your needs! 
Do you want delivered supplies EVERY month or just a one-time delivery and digital access after that?

2 Themes to choose from: 
ANIMALS (like polar bear cubs, gorillas and zebras) 
OR  SEA LIFE (like a pink Amazon River Dolphin, octopus and sea turtles)

Learn drawing and painting every month from a teacher you can trust! You'll never worry about evolution or other touchy topics since these lessons are all taught from a biblical creation worldview. 
The sketchbooks are PERFECT for painting in! Since they are spiral-bound, they lay flat and can stay open for drying.  Your child can use the printable template for the animal or draw the animal instead. 

Each month, there is a new set of videos and downloads for each animal or sea creature! Your child will love learning new fun facts and getting to draw and paint this surprise animal each month!  
The sketchbook option is our favorite so that kids don't obsess over the finished product!

2 Themes to choose from: ANIMALS OR SEA LIFE!
How soon do I get access and when do the items ship?     Digital access is granted immediately and shipping is sent out from our location within 48 hours of the order.  
How long do these lessons take each month?     The painting lesson will range, depending on the detail your child decides to add. 
What ages would enjoy this subscription? This subscription can be SELF-DIRECTED if a child can read fluently.  The project each month is interesting for kids in elementary on up!  We have subscribers who are in middle school and high school and love these fun, light-hearted projects! Homeschool families find these lessons to be a creative outlet that is a wonderful way to achieve art lessons at home each month. These projects also work great for a family event each month since adults love our content as well! 
How do customers access the video lessons and content? 
Upon purchasing, customers are granted access to our "vault" called "ARTFUL Subscription Animal OR Sea Life", whichever you purchased.  A username and password is created upon purchasing so that only members can access our courses.  Our favorite way to access our lessons is through our free APP! You simply search "Attractwell" in the app store (Attractwell is the company we use for our website).  Once you download the free app, you have one step to confirm through your email that you used to sign up for our subscription.  Once it is successfully verified, you no longer have to remember passwords or bookmark the link! Your children can SAFELY and easily access our course! WE LOVE OUR APP!
Do these projects involve art content, art history or vocabulary concepts?   
YES! YES! YES! These lessons are taught by a professional art teacher with 2 teaching degrees (art education and gifted education). While all of the lessons do not have the same amount of concepts, there are PLENTY of artful, educational experiences as well as practical skills such as cleanup and mindfulness of planning out composition. These lessons are fun and enriching at the same time, while encouraging choice, creativity and learning about creation from a Biblical worldview. 
Are the lessons live videos? Do we have to plan out when we can join a live zoom call?
Nope! Our videos are all pre-recorded so that you can access them 24/7 at your own convenience as well as re-watch as needed!  However, we do plan occasional zoom calls so that our students can show their growth and have a chat with kids across the world doing the same art lessons as them!
2 Themes to choose from: ANIMALS OR SEA LIFE!