A membership for artists!
practical solution to a real problem: lack of art-making space at your home and a need for community. 
You get both and more with our membership. 

Finally! Dedicated space for artists and crafters to MAKE ART in the studio at The Artful Gathering. On Mondays, you'll be able to sign in and stay as long as you like! We will open up at 9:30am on Mondays and the space is dedicated ONLY for members! No other events will be scheduled on Mondays! 
We are located at 200 W. Plane St, Bethel, OH 45106, diagonal from Plane St Coffee Shop and near lots of restaurants!

We have designed a studio membership for:

  • Artists and crafters  (Bethel, Ohio)
  • Access to the tables, aprons, sinks, and abundant natural light
  • Freedom to bring your tackle  box of art supplies and simply create without distractions
  • Artists to connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and get valuable feedback
  • This community can provide support, inspiration, and networking opportunities instead of isolation
  • Those looking to take away the pain of not having enough space or the right environment to create art.  
  • Artists desiring a regular routine to help improve their artistic skills and productivity
  • Artists and crafters who want creative freedom to make their art, not a workshop 
  • Ability to collaborate and socialize with fellow artists or put in earbuds and focus! 
  • Casual environment where you can bring food with you with access to our refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot
This is your invitation to join us in a very special "pilot" enrollment. 
The program steps are not set in stone.  We are inviting you to craft this experience with us, share what YOU need and go on this journey with a group. 
So, are you ready to take the jump to start investing time and commitment to YOUR art and having teammates who are cheering you on, just as much as they are for themselves?
This pilot fee will be the lowest fee that we will ever offer. And, we are only offering this price for a limited number of people. 
And, your rate will never go up, even after we raise it for new members in the future.
You choose the level of membership you need
OPTION A: Just one Monday per month

Are you looking for just one session of creativity freedom per month? Does your schedule only allow for commitment to one day of art-making? Are you a hobbyist searching for a regular creative outlet?

OPTION B: Two Mondays of your choice per month

Choose which 2 Mondays per month you attend, based on your schedule. Commitment to your goals and dedicated space to make them happen! 

OPTION C: Liberating Your Creativity!

Unlimited Monday access. Attend the studio time every Monday of the month, even when the month has 5 Mondays! This level of membership is truly commiting to your creativity!

Can you imagine it?
Let's chat about the benefits!
1. Improved Focus and Concentration: A dedicated space allows artists to minimize distractions and interruptions. It helps them to enter a 'flow state,' where they can fully immerse themselves in their creative process.

2. Consistency and Productivity: Having a routine promotes consistency, which is crucial for mastering any skill, including art. It ensures regular practice, thereby enhancing productivity and artistic growth.

3. Creative Freedom: A personal art space offers the freedom to set up and organize materials as the artist pleases while working, without worrying about rest of the family needing that same space. This autonomy can lead to a more efficient and enjoyable creative process.

4. Safe Space for Expression: An art studio is a safe haven, where artists can freely express their thoughts and emotions through their work. It's a place where they can experiment, make mistakes, and learn without judgment.

5. Boosts Confidence: Regularly showing up for their art can improve an artist's self-confidence. Over time, they'll see progress in their work, which can be incredibly rewarding and encouraging.

6. Better Work-Life Balance: Separating their art space from their living space can help artists achieve a better work-life balance. It allows them to 'leave work at work,' preventing their art-making from spilling over into their personal life.

7. Professional Development: A dedicated space signifies professionalism, which can be important for artists looking to sell their work or attract commissions. It also allows for better presentation and storage of artworks.

8. Community and Networking: Dedicated space within an art studio membership setup, artists can connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and get valuable feedback. This community can provide support, inspiration, and networking opportunities.

Are you imagining your life with a membership like this?
What are the side effects of investing in your art-making?

I am picturing friendships, JOY, helpful critiques, conversation over meals, learning new art forms from fellow members, artists engrossed in FLOW and FLOURISHING together, right here in Bethel!
I am picturing book studies while you are here together, taking breaks over your art to circle up on those couches and discuss your newest revelation...
I am picturing local businesses coming to our members to request artistic endeavors such as mural commissions throughout the city, leading young entrepreneurs, and collaborations!
I am also planning on offering more as we go such as specific trainings that would help us all grow. You can expect pop-up events like "bring a friend free" and a spread of surprise treats at no charge.  I am designing this based on the ideal atmosphere for flourishing together, right here. 

© Jessica Blankenship