Did you know that Ohio families can get $1K for day camps and enrichment?

Through ACE, an Ohio program, families can get $1000 per child to spend on day camps and after-school enrichment! 

You can use those funds for art classes and art camps at our studio!
We are proud to be a participating ACE provider for OHIO.
What's the catch? 
You MUST do the OHIO steps on their website and wait your two weeks... And there is an income eligibility scale. However, check it out below! It is very generous!
art camps in OHIO
New to ACE? Here's how it works!
Let's get you signed up for ACE to get enrichment and camps for your children for an entire year through ACE! 


2. Within 2 weeks, you'll receive an email from them ( it is called MERIT) with your details! 

3. Use that confirmation to access your special coupon code with us to sign up for art for your children right here at THE ARTFUL GATHERING! 
We love working with teaching artists and businesses! We are happy to discuss partnerships of all shapes and sizes. The prices for using our space on a recurring basis are very different than the prices for a one-time rental rate.  Please reach out to chat! 
All classes can be prepaid monthly ONLINE for a discounted rate or sessions can be paid individually.
We also offer gift certificates for $50 or $100 to be redeemed for online scheduled classes or in the studio.  

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