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Owned by Jessica Blankenship, The Artful Gathering is designed for development of artistic skills, the nurturing of creativity, the facilitation of social connections, and the enhancement of children's educational experiences.
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Calling all artists!
We know the struggle of many artists and crafters.....
You lack space at home to create art so you end up neglecting your art-making...
And you simply need to be around other creative folks for your soul!
Our new membership is an amazing opportunity to use our studio space every Monday for a small monthly fee, right here in Bethel, OH.

Can you imagine the satisfaction of packing up your artist tacklebox and getting to access this inspiring space each week, abundant in natural light and positivity?

Check out the details! 
Are you searching for an interactive family activity for quality time at HOME?
Hello Artful Birthday Parties!

You know how your kid's birthday is supposed to be special but it just ends up stressful and not as cute as you imagined? 

And, to make it as pretty as you desire, it takes lots of planning and buying items that you know you'll never use again?

And, how you really just don't have time or space at home to make it all happen anyway?

This is exactly why we have designed the most luxurious (for mom, too) art party picnics in 3 themes or the option to pay extra for a custom design! 

We know you want your child to feel special and remember birthday events as something that made their childhood delightful. 

We also happen to be pretty good at making kids' events lovely, beautiful and memorable, for everyone involved! 

Yes, really. Our events include a totally decorated and coordinated luxury picnic area for the children, an art area for the painting part, AND adult eating tables for the family who attends!

Gorgeously decorated for a lovely child's birthday memory.

Luxury art party picnic package ($425) includes:
  1. Fully decorated picnic eating area in chosen theme for 8 children
  2. Easels, paint, canvases, aprons and art kit supplies for 8 children in painting area 
  3. Separate coordinated table eating area for 8 adults
  4. Coordinated food table with extension cord, if requested
  5. Placemats, plates, napkins, cutlery for 8 children and 8 adults
  6.  Play tent with balloons for pictures and fun! 
  7. Three full hours for party enjoyment!
  8. Freedom to bring outside food, desserts and beverages. 
Host the most unique and beautiful party your child could ever imagine!
Tell us your possible dates and your desired theme! 
Let's make this memory happen!
 Optional add-ons: 
  1.  Additional children $15 per child
  2. $50- Dozen coordinated cookies by Twin Hearts Treats (as pictured for each theme)
  3. $9 per child -Coordinated gift favors in chosen theme 
  4.  $130- Art party leader to guide the children through the entire painting 
  5. $75- Custom party creation (we will design your party choice!)

Mermaid Art Party Picnic!

Fancy Dinosaur Art Party Picnic!

Are you ready to check your dates and get the party booked?! Let's chat! 
Enter your requested dates and theme and we'll be in touch!


Host the most unique and beautiful party your child could ever imagine!
Tell us your possible dates and your desired theme! 
Let's make this memory happen!
Studio Goodies! 
Sizes for adults, kids and lots of accessories! 
Check them out! Now you can wear your favorite art studio's t-shirts and more! 

All classes can be prepaid monthly ONLINE for a discounted rate or sessions can be paid individually.
We also offer gift certificates for $50 or $100 to be redeemed for online scheduled classes or in the studio.  

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