Are you fascinated with inspiring sunsets, wheat fields, old barns and pure nature?  
Do you want the joy of painting a new canvas every month without the stress of deciding what to paint or having to go purchase the supplies?

Are you looking for simplicity and quality time within your own home?


Did you know that you learn to paint by Painting?
Are you ready to enjoy acrylic painting lessons from an actual art teacher?
Jessica Blankenship teaches this painting subscription, designed for teens and adults, through introduction videos, demonstration videos, pictures and lessons about a new artists' style each month. 
Who needs this subscription?  
I have designed this acrylic painting subscription to fill a gap in modern homes.  
Most of us have too much going on without much connection.  
Most of us are going through life too fast without slowing down to savor the people and beauty around us.  Let's welcome some mindfulness and purposeful time spent. 

I believe the answer is simplicity through activities, rather than STUFF, and genuine togetherness.  Yes, spending quality time together amidst our busy lives.  It has to be scheduled.  It has to be a priority.  Give yourselves the gift of connection through painting every single month with this subscription! 

Which subscription is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you need the convenience of ONE LESS THING to plan and prepare for?
If so, choose option A (supplies for one person) or B (supplies for two people) so that everything is delivered and you get the stress-free present every month with EVERYTHING you need. 
You get the benefit of staying home and painting together whenever you want to.  
You get to enjoy your personal conversations rather than a whole room full of other people. 
 You get to pause the pre-recorded video as needed and paint at your own pace.  
Plus, this subscription is a huge savings from in-person painting events! 
We send the template design and carbon paper so that you skip the stress of drawing if you choose.  You are welcome to draw your design, of course, if you'd like. 

Do you really just need guidance and the idea of what to paint? Do you already have plenty of paint and do you enjoy the craft store?  
Choose option C ($17 per month) so that you have access to the online lessons with only a template and carbon paper delivered each month.  We'll be using acrylic paint and suggest canvas size of 9x12 inches. You'll get a huge discount since we aren't mailing much to you. This option is also perfect for people who want to paint a different size canvas.  You can follow our painting videos to paint any size canvas you purchase!