Are you tired of searching for engaging lessons to teach kids about the Bible only to feel like you've already tried everything?

I know how hard it can be to get kids to care about Jesus and learning about scripture....

As a preacher's wife and art teacher for over a decade, my answer is simple.  

We need to be more interactive, but NOT stoop to replacing deep lessons with entertainment...

We must be willing to try something that has been proven to gain interests of kids and make learning about Jesus a truly JOYFUL experience! 

Try this lesson!
"Rejoice Evermore" is my lesson plan PDF, designed to be: 
-a simple format that you could use with kids as soon as tomorrow
-engages kids in hands-on learning
-minimal prep, I PROMISE! 
-printables included to use as visual material to help lock-in learning
-fun for YOU and the kids! 
-includes EXTENSION ideas to make the lesson last multiple weeks, if you desire
-has a beautiful finished products that kids get to take home and show off
-includes a simple drawing tutorial video to help
-gets kids excited to come back to CHURCH!!!!!
I love making tools like this as inexpensive as possible for youth leaders, home-school families and other Christian leaders working with kids.