We are proud to be an Ohio ACE qualified Education Service Provider! 
Ohio families get $1000 per year for day camps and enrichment. 

You can use those funds for art classes and art camps without paying anything up front! We removed that step for families! 

Already an ACE family? Click here to access your code to sign up for a year of art classes and camps! 


Let's get you signed up for ACE to get free enrichment for your children?! 

1. Create an OH/Id account (just a username and password for OHIO) and then fill in the ACE application (be sure to gather your previous tax return and the last 4 digits of you children's social security number)
2. Within 2 weeks, you'll receive an email from them with your details! 3. Use that confirmation to access your special coupon code to sign up for a WHOLE YEAR of art for your children right here at THE ARTFUL GATHERING!